Smart locks VS traditional locks

When it comes to your home security or even commercial property, you would consider all the options in your price range. With all the new technologies coming up recently, the option of smart locks becomes more popular among consumers. Let’s take a look at both kinds more closely. smart lock installation

Traditional locks smart lock installation

These locks include deadbolt locks, mortise locks, knob locks, and other variations. The common  thing about them is that they are operated manually – with a key, button, etc.

In order to unlock such locks you’d need a key. As soon the proper key inserted, pins inside of the lock align, which lets you turn the key and unlock the lock. smart lock installation Calgary

How secure are traditional locks?

Of course, it all depends on the kind of the lock you choose. Deadbolt locks proved their-selves to  be quite secure. They are grouped by three grades that determine their strength. Grade 3 will be the lowest, while Grade 1 is the strongest.

You can also enhance your traditional locks with adding solid metal strike plates or longer deadbolt throws. Nowadays one can invest in locks resistant to lock picking or bumping. smart lock installation Calgary

lock installation CalgarySmart locks installation

These locks are pretty much traditional locks that operated automatically. For your convenience, smart locks are mostly operated electronically or remotely. You can control and monitor it with a smartphone or a tablet. But unfortunately, it doesn’t always mean that is the most secure option. Sometimes smart lock manufacturers focus more on efficiency and new features than on security features.

This kind of locks doesn’t require a physical key as a traditional lock. As we mentioned above, it is usually operated by a smart device. smart lock installation Calgary

How secure are smart locks?

According to consumer reports, smart locks did not prove their-selves to be more secure than traditional ones. As it was said above, manufacturers added many cool options, such as ability of monitor you lock and others, but did not make them stronger. You also should take into consideration that nowadays they can be hacked. And this starts being a tendency. smart lock installation Calgary

It is totally up to you what kind of a lock to pick for your property. And we recommend to ask a professional locksmith for an advice about more suitable lock for you.   however

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