Lock Rekeying Service

What does Lock Rekeying mean?

Doing a lock rekey means that you alter your lock mechanism to work with another new key. Enabling an enhanced security level almost instantly. Our lock rekeying service is also much cheaper when comparing to replacing a lock, and yet is equally reliable. Rekeying your locks is very effective and doesn’t mean you have to replace your old locks at all.

We, at Super G&R Locksmith Calgary, hire only professionals to ensure the work is done right with no damage to your property. Moreover, we offer expert service with the fastest response in the city. Weekdays, evenings, weekends or holidays we are always open! The proper tools are important and necessary in opening your home in the best way possible without damage. Lock Rekeying Calgary however

Lock Rekeying Calgary
  • Fast response

  • Security upgrade

  • Lock Change

  • Affordable Prices

Advantages Of Lock Rekeying By A Locksmith

Lock Rekeying CalgaryWhen moving into a new home or apartment, leasing commercial space or firing an employee, one might consider hiring a locksmith for rekeying the locks.

Even if the previous owner or tenants return the key, there is no guarantee that someone does not have a duplicate. Rekeying the lock is often less expensive than replacement, but offers the same protection and access for those who should be in the space. Lock Rekeying Calgary

Rekeying is the process of changing a lock cylinder’s tumblers to those of a different size. Once this occurs, the old key can no longer open the lock. Instead, to access the space, one must use the new one, cut to fit the current tumblers. Lock Rekeying Calgary moreover


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