Mul-T-Lock. One of the most popular lock brands.

Pretty much everyone has heard of Mul-T-Lock locks and lock systems. The company earned consumers trust and gained popularity all over the world. And if the brand is popular in the world of locksmiths, that means the brand is very trustworthy. Mul-T-Lock has been providing people with locking products for almost five decades. And it always stays up-to-date with new technologies.

ENTR – smartlock solutions

With smart system ENTR you can transform your door into a smart door. Which means you can controll the locking system with ENTR’s App. Here one will be able to lock or unlock the door remotedly by using their smartphone. Also, you can keep a track on the status of the lock.

The system is easy to install because it needs no drilling. Along with that, ENTR is battery powered. This makes it not dependent on power or cables.

Of course, there always should be a back-up. Because of that the system will come with a mechanical key.

Mechanical locks

Therefore, there is a tendecy of getting everything digital and “smart” nowadays, classic locking system are the most popular. Mul-T-Lock offers a few mechanical lock platforms. And the most popular are ClassicPro, Interactive+, and MT5+.


This system has enhanced Anti-Pick and Drill Resistance. Also, it comes with a coded key card. That makes it easier for you to get a duplicate of the key through authorized Mul-T-Lock dealers. ClassicPro platform will fit any need. It comes in form of cylinders, padlocks, locks, and more.


As well as ClassicPro this platform offers different formats. There is a master key option for your convenience. Did we mention increased security effectiveness? Of course, it’s also here.

Though, it can look quite similar to the Classic system, there is a major difference. Here you can integrate electromechanical CLIQ platform.


The main difference of this system is a combination of double or triple locking mechanisms. There is also a multi-layered security. But the rest is pretty much the same as Interactive+. Though MT5 is concidered more secure.

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