First Steps to Take After a Home Invasion

A burglary can be a terrifying and unnerving experience. Whether you are in your home when it happens or not, you will find your peace of mind shaken. You can react calmly when you have a plan. So let’s look at four steps you should take when you realize you’ve been the victim of a home invasion.

Call the police

Before you call your partner or other loved ones, always call the police! If you think someone might still be in your home, leave immediately and call from outside.

It’s always important to call the police. The faster they get on the scene, the more likely they are to actually catch the culprit. Even if you think they won’t solve anything, it helps develop a case if many break-ins happen in the area.

So for your safety, and the security of your community, call the police first.

Take pictures of everything

The next thing you should do is take photos of everything. Do this before moving items, or cleaning up broken glass or belongings. Your pictures may help in the police investigation. They also could be helpful when you are dealing with an insurance claim.

This brings us to the next step you should take.

File a claim with your insurance company

Contact your insurance company as soon as possible. The sooner you make that call, the more details you will be able to remember. Stressful situations can easily cloud your memory. This is why your photos may also come in handy. They can be a visual reminder to help you get the details correct.

Have your locks changed by a trusted professional

Finally, you will want to have a professional locksmith come to your home and change your locks. When a break-in happens, you don’t know what was intended. In case the thieves plan to return, you want your locks to be secure.

Super G&R Installation offers 24-hour locksmith services. Let our trusted professionals put your mind at ease!

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