Master Key Systems

When we hear “master key systems” most of us have no idea what it is all about. So we gathered some useful information into this post. All these, to help understand and take into consideration all the aspects of Master key systems. master key systems Calgary

Master key systems are more than your ordinary lock and key. The registered design for the key is valid for 10 years. During this period the key is only to be duplicated by its registered locksmith.

Restricted keys can be used to control access levels to your property. Your security system can be designed for a multi site business with multi personal in mind. It can also be used on a single premise like a house. Keys can be colour coded to allow for easy identification of individual or group access keys.

When setting up a new system or replacing an outdated system it’s a great idea to keep track of your keys. Maintain and ensure your current auditing of your security system and assets. Have previous staff left and failed to returned keys? Have sets gone missing? If you’ve answered yes to these questions it might just be time for you to replace your existing security. master key systems Calgary

Master Key Systems – a series of locks individually keyed, but also accessible using an overriding Master Key.

The systems are hierarchical and restrict access that people have to different areas of a building. For example, a manager may be able to open all doors in a building whereas a staff member may only be able to open the front door and their office door. The following formats are available:  master key systems Calgary

Master Key Lock Systems

  • Grand Master Key: Access to all locks, all departments, all sites
  • Master Key: Access throughout a single building/department
  • Keyed to Differ: Key Access to individual offices

In a world increasingly challenged by security threats, the need for comprehensive locking systems has become an essential requirement in virtually every market sector. From government buildings and Police Stations to public institutions such as Hospitals and Schools and Universities, there is a growing demand for superior locking solutions that address a wide range of complex and sensitive issues. master key systems Calgary

At Super G&R Calgary Locksmith Services we are experts in the design and installation of Master Key Systems for our clients. We follow strict guidelines to ensure a keying system is not comprised, by verifying that the authority criteria has been met prior to keys being issued.  Restricted keying and design of master key systems is our specialty. master key systems Calgary however

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