Locksmith Terminology FAQ

– Lock out

– Fit keys

– Rekeying

– Keyless entry

– High security automotive keys

– Master key system

– Restricted keys

Lock out Calgary

When you are locked out of your property, car, or safe – because the keys are locked inside – or the keys are lost – or the combination is lost or forgotten – or the lock has failed. A locksmith can gain entry or access with a minimum of disruption, damage, and cost. rekeying calgary therefore


Fit keys Calgary

When keys are made to fit and operate the existing combination of a lock. rekeying calgary. however lock out Calgary. fit keys calgary. finally master key system Calgary. automotive keys Calgary

Rekeying Calgary

Also called “changing the locks”. A locksmith can reconfigure the pins or wafers inside the lock(s) and cut new keys. The re-keyed lock(s) will only work with the new key(s). This prevents previous keys being able to open the re-keyed lock(s). rekeying calgary. firstly master key system Calgary. automotive keys Calgary moreover

Keyless entry

Keyless entry is the remote that unlocks your car doors. On manufacturer fitted security systems that is usually its only task. However with aftermarket alarm, immobiliser and central locking systems, the one remote may control all three aspects of the system.master key system Calgary. finally

High security automotive keys Calgary

These keys started surfacing in the late 70’s early 80’s in higher end European designed cars. Over the years their design has grown in complexity and is now usually compared with transponder and keyless entry systems.  restricted keys Calgary.moreover lock out Calgary


Master key system Calgary

A Master Key System comprises a hierarchy of keys and a number of cylinders / locks that allow different groups or individual key holders to gain access to all or specifically designated areas of a building or buildings. therefore lock out Calgary
Put simply, a master keyed lock is a lock that is designed to be opened by a specific individual key or keys, and can also be opened by using a master key.

Master Key Systems play a critical role in the area of physical security and are used to control access to facilities such as perimeters, entire buildings, and specified spaces within a building

Usually fitted across one or more sites they range in size from a few doors to multiple buildings or assets across the city, country or indeed the globe. More often than not they are built up on a restricted key system to allow for key control. Their design can be from a very simple master key and user key design to complex keying structure. restricted keys Calgary. automotive keys Calgary


Restricted keys Calgary

Restricted key systems are designed to give the system owner the highest level of protection against unauthorized key duplication. This is achieved by manufacturers using patents and design registrations to stop unlawful production of the key blanks as well as ensuring that their dealers (Locksmiths) adhere to strict authorization procedures in the cutting of these keys.

When a restricted key system is designed and installed a signatory form is given to the owner of the key system.

This form requires the customer to complete the contact details and sample signatures of the people that will be registered as the “Authorized Signatories” for specific keys. Only appropriate authorized signatories are able to request copies of the keys. Detailed records are kept by the locksmith of all key requests and changes to authorizations. Often these restricted keys are of a high security and pick resistant nature. rekeying calgary. fit keys calgary. master key system Calgary. automotive keys Calgary


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