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Mobile Key Cutting in Calgary

Lost your keys? No worries. We can make new ones for you in minutes. Key broken in the lock or want duplicate keys? Just give us a call and we’ll come to your doorstep. We have transport and qualified key cutting Calgary technicians standing by to respond to your call. Furthermore, the fastest service in Calgary guaranteed.

Reliability and trust are important. Super G&R - Calgary Locksmith has more than 10 year spotless reputation in the field and as true professionals, we are fully conscious about maintaining your privacy and security.

We offer residential and commercial key cutting Calgary for all types of keys and locks. Super G&R - Calgary Locksmith can help you install, fix, or replace your locks and keys to improve security and achieve peace of mind. You can assure we will deliver only the highest quality products and services.

Lock Rekeying Calgary, Key Cutting Calgary
  • Fast response

  • Security upgrade

  • Lock Change

  • Affordable Prices


Our professional mobile locksmiths can offer a variety of other key services including re-keying, master keys, key cutting, restricted key systems and key replacement. Looking for a quality, professional lock and key service in Calgary? Super G&R Locksmiths travel north, east, south and west.


A range of locksmith services for commercial premises, including security locks, access control and other high-value locksmith services. Super G&R - Calgary Locksmith provide mobile emergency locksmith services to Calgary businesses, 24/7.

Outstanding Key Cutting Services

If you’re building, remodeling, or looking to improve the security of your home or business, our key cutting service in Calgary is a great option. Our team of highly qualified locksmiths can help you install new locks, fix broken ones and replace old ones.


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Key cutting should not be left to an amateur, otherwise you may find yourself with a poor quality key that won’t function in your lock.  We offer key cutting Calgary that is accurate and precise cut on the highest grade blank key.  We are your master locksmiths in Calgary that travel to you.

Affordable key cutting Calgary

Keys are one of the most important items we own even though we don't give them much thought. It is usually when we have trouble finding them, or they end up broken and unusable does it really sink in how important they are in our lives.

The most obvious time to get key cutting service is before an emergency happens so you have copies that you can hide or entrust to a friend.

With a fleet of fully equipped service vans, we are able to provide great onsite solutions. We have the latest key cutting machinery in our mobile workstations giving you the convenience of a locksmith at your front door! however Key Cutting Calgary

Precise Key Cutting

We take great pride in our locksmith skills including cutting keys correctly and accurately.

Moreover, we are very meticulous with ensuring that the machine we use gets the key’s teeth, spacing, depth and geometrical structure correct. Our skilled locksmiths are also familiar with interpreting key codes with series of alphanumeric characters.

When it comes to damaged keys due to the pressure from extended use, we at Super G&R - Calgary Locksmith do not resort to temporary solutions like gluing or welding. A broken key will be replaced with a newly cut key that fits perfectly in the existing lock.

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